The Presidency  of Telecommunication, communication; came into force with the gazette published on 23.07.2005 and was founded by the law number 5397 which amended the 2559, 2803 and 2937 numbered laws as from July 23, 2006 tasks and procedures that the related regulations prescribe, have been conducted from the headquarters.

With law number 5651 published in the gazette in May 23, 2007 the Presidency of Telecommunication and Communication organized its tasks, about the publications that are made on the Internet environment and the law regarding fight against committed crimes by these publications. Accordingly; in connection with these tasks the Internet department was established. The presidency; shows activity depending on the president of the institution directly under the structure of the Informational  Technology and Communication presidency which consists of the president, law, technical management, informational system, administration and the president of the Internet department.